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Important Caribbean Stud Poker Terms

Caribbean Stud poker is a highly popular casino game that’s based on the same rules that are applicable to 5 card stud poker, apart from the fact that there’s an additional side bet involved; a few other rule differences exist as well.

The table that this game is played on is normally different from the one that’s used for other poker variants. It’s almost the same size and shape as a regular blackjack table. The game owes its huge popularity to the side bet (in the form of progressive jackpot) placed by the players, with its odds being 650,000 to 1.

Let’s take you through some of the most commonly used terms while playing Caribbean Stud poker:

Ace King
It’s a regular five card hand in Caribbean Stud poker. Please note that a hand with ace king as high cards is less valuable than one with a pair. However, the same hand is the most valuable of all high card hands.

Ante Bet
It’s the original bet amount in Caribbean Stud poker which must be mandatorily placed prior to the start of the game. It must be placed before the dealing of the hands.

Ante Box
All ante bets placed in Caribbean Stud poker must be put into the ante box, situated in front of the box meant for raised bets.

Raise Bet
A raise bet can be placed once the cards have been dealt to the players. Placing such wager implies that the player isn’t willing to fold his/her hand yet. All raised bets must be double the amount of the ante or original bet. In addition, all raised bets must be placed in a dedicated area on the Caribbean Stud poker play table, situated right behind the ante bet box.

Bonus payout
This is the amount paid out to a player if the dealer qualifies and the player had placed a raised bet. Please note that bonus payout is different from the progressive jackpot payout awarded in this game.

A Caribbean Stud poker player is said to have folded his cards if he/she chooses to end game instead of continuing playing by raising the bet amount.

Progressive bet
Progressive bet is the biggest differentiator between the Caribbean Stud poker and the five card stud poker. A progressive bet can be placed prior to dealing of the hands and placing such a bet implies that the player wants to take a shot at the progressive jackpot. It’s normally a £ 1 bet which is placed above the spot meant for ante bets on the Caribbean Stud poker table.

Progressive jackpot
Any jackpot that continues to build up over a period of time is referred to as a progressive jackpot in casino. Although such jackpots exists mostly in slot machines, they’re also found in Caribbean Stud poker.

Progressive payout bonus
This is the amount paid out by a casino to the players who emerge as progressive bet winners.

Progressive payout schedule
Another name given to ‘progressive payout bonus,’ the term ‘progressive payout schedule’ is commonly used by some casinos offering Caribbean Stud poker games.

Progressive slot
An alternative name given to the betting area of the Caribbean Stud poker table, progressive slot is meant to hold the £ 1 bets placed by progressive jackpot players.

A push is said to happen when the dealer’s and the player’s hands are tied in any casino game. When a push happens, neither the player nor the dealer (house) wins the game, and the amount bet by the player is returned back to his/her chip stack.

Up card
A term pretty frequently used in many casino games, it refers to any card that’s visible to all players on the poker table.
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