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Basic and Advanced Caribbean Stud Poker Strategies

Caribbean Stud poker is a more relaxing poker variant than others like Hold’em, Omaha and Stud, as you play against the house and not the fellow players at the table. The player’s aim is to beat the house by getting a hand that’s better than the dealer’s. Both dealer and player are dealt the same number of five cards each. Although players are allowed to see their cards immediately, only one of the five cards dealt to the dealer is revealed. The complete game is played using the initially dealt five cards and players can significantly enhance their winning chances by using certain tried and tested strategies.

Why you must use a strategy?
Using the right Caribbean Stud poker strategy can help you significantly lower the house edge, provided that you use it at the right time and in the right manner. Following are the two strategies used frequently by a large majority of Caribbean Stud poker players:
Basic strategies – These are fairly easy to understand strategies, enabling poker players to fractionally lower the house edge. Anyone who is aiming to use advanced Caribbean Stud poker strategies must understand and master the basic strategies first.
Advanced strategies – Although slightly complex in nature, these help you lower the house edge significantly and in a very certain manner.

Let’s go over both these strategies in brief:

Basic strategies
These involve three important points:
Never fold the small players – A large number of Caribbean Stud poker players commit the mistake of folding small pairs. Such small pairs can be extremely valuable keeping in mind that it’s not every time that the house will manage an ace-king combination.
Never play weak hands – Anyone who receives an unplayable or weak hand in Caribbean Stud poker must not hold back and immediately fold his/her cards. Experts suggest folding any hand that’s weaker than the king-ace combination.
Play the king-ace combination strategically – Any Caribbean Stud poker player who gets an ace-king combination must play it only if he/she gets another card that matches or is higher than the face-up card of the dealer. It’s not uncommon for dealers to get ace-king combinations pretty frequently, so you must ensure that your hand is good enough to beat the house.

Advanced strategies
Once you’ve understood and master the basic Caribbean Stud poker strategies, you can move on to the advanced ones. You can turn Caribbean Stud poker into a very player friendly casino game by properly understanding and implementing such advance strategies. Let’s go over some of them as follows:
– Raise your bet on any hand that consists of a pair or higher.
– Fold any hand that doesn’t at least consist of a king and an ace.

In the event that you get a king and an ace in your hand, following is what you can do:
– Raise your bet only and only if your third card is a jack or a queen, and the dealer’s face up card on the table is an ace or a king.
– Raise your bet only and only if the dealer’s face up card on the table is a queen or lower; that pairs up with another card in your hand.
– Raise your bet only and only if your third card is a queen and your fourth card is higher compared to the dealer’s face-up card on the table.

Players must fold in the event that they receive any other hand than the ones detailed above. Although there are all sorts of sources, both online and off-line, that may claim having the perfect Caribbean Stud poker strategy, you must carry out comprehensive research before risking your hard earned money with any of them. If nothing else, you can stick to the above detailed basic and advance strategies and significantly improve your winning odds.
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