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Caribbean Stud Poker Mistakes

Majority of the players who play Caribbean Stud poker for recreational purposes are of the opinion that they like the game as it’s pretty easy to understand and they can continue playing it for a long time without worrying about any depleting bankroll. However, continuing playing Caribbean Stud poker as long as one has money in the bank is probably the worst strategy while playing this game. This is because one can easily use certain basic strategies and bend the odds in his/her favour, earning himself/herself quite a sum!

Despite the fact that Caribbean Stud poker is counted amongst the most popular online poker variants, many players start playing it with real money without paying any heed to its rules and strategies first. This is another very expensive mistake many players make. You should first comprehensively understand the Caribbean Stud poker rules and figure out how it’s different from other popular poker variants in the marketplace, and only then play it with real money.

Caribbean Stud poker isn’t played against the fellow players at the poker table, but against the house, and one of its main differentiators is the progressive jackpot which can be played by wagering £ 1 as a side bet. The best way to go about playing this game is to first play it online for free and involve any real money only after you get a basic understanding of its rules and terms.

Let’s throw light on some more commonly made mistakes by beginning Caribbean Stud poker players. If you’re someone who is aspiring to win huge amounts from this game, there’s no way you can overlook and commit any of these mistakes.

Continuing playing even when you have a hand with a queen and an ace
Many beginning Caribbean Stud poker players feel that having a hand with queen and an ace is perhaps the best combination they can get. However, players can win with such a hand only in the event that the dealer doesn’t get anything. Therefore, it’s advisable to fold this hand whenever you get it.

Folding low pairs
Many beginners also commit the mistake of folding hands with low pairs, especially when they get pairs lower than five, as they consider such hands pretty risky to bet any money on. The reality is that the dealer’s hand normally doesn’t qualify with a king and an ace almost 44% of the times. This means that every Caribbean Stud poker player holds an over 50% chance of beating the dealer even if he/she has low pairs.

Continuing playing irrespective of the starting hand
A large number of beginners commit the mistake of continuing playing irrespective of the kind of starting hand they get. They pay no heed to it and don’t ever analyse its potential and strength. Instead, they feel that it’s possible to somehow register a win by bluffing their way through the game.

Not using even the basic strategy
Several Caribbean Stud poker players play the game just for the sake of enjoyment, without understanding that there’s actually a strategy they can use to significantly improve their winning chances. This strategy is pretty basic, and requires them to fold their hands if they get cards that are weaker compared to the king-ace combination. Furthermore, they must call only in the event that they get a pair or better. Additionally, if they get a king-ace combination, a call should only be made if either of their other cards is equal to or better than the dealer’s exposed card on the table.

Betting randomly
Another major mistake made by a large number of Caribbean Stud poker players is betting simply for the sake of doing it. Such players can be seen indulging in needless betting without paying any attention to the strength of their hands.
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